Can you steal the limelight with May’s wonderful TTT?

“He loved her like the ocean loves the shore. Relentless. Indulgent. Unfailing” – Analog


Topic Thingy is backk and to show your work to a new audience! Its as simple as 4 steps!

– Read the Topic of the month (Which you are ALREADY doing)

– Write your post

– Share it! (The normal way you do) and just include the TTT logo

– Link it to any one of my posts!

And your doneee.

-Read the guidelines over heree-

If you don’t know what Topic Thingy is..its just a challenge to myself and to you all! I choose a topic and write four posts on it. One every week and I challenge all you writers (or non writers) to write One post in the entire month too!

So Every month we have a topic that we write on!

All those who participate are featured on my blog! So you all get some free traffic to your blog as claps on the back from me 😉

It’s a WIN – WIN!

Here are my three posts on April’s TTT – An Encounter with an Advice *Proud Proud*

What completing 17 years of Life taught me

See my confidential letter to myself (Something you need to hear)

The Blogging Poem

So What is the Topic of The month?

“I want to give you all of myself. Even the bits and pieces left behind.” – e.s.

It is…



The heartbreaks
The heartbreaks

Yeshh!  Hahaha Now the random quotes make sense huh?

Well this month I want you to Get that hopeless romantic out of you and make us all sway with you and then break our hearts! Tell us about Those who couldn’t end up together or those that almost did! Tell us whether they promise to meet someday again or decide to never ever meet again! Write about the one scared to feel something like that Again or someone who learnt to let go the hard way!  Tell us about the one who regrets it or the one who is guiltyyy 😉 Or how they gave up. Talk about the heartbreaks, the heart pains and the craziness with the whole moving on phase.

“And the world we created,

was as real as your lies

 So I had no option

but to watch it die” – Instagram

Talk about the perks of being in love or about the cons of it. Make past lovers meet again or tell us how they had only so much time together. It can be a tragedy, a comedy or just an excerpt of them talking! Write a poem about them, write a poem about what you think is romance. Tell us about the most romantic thing you can think of then break our darling’s heart!

“In case you ever foolishly forget;

I am never not thinking of you” – Virgina Woolf

Get creative! You can make any story, any emotion, any point within us. Just write something that is somehow ! A little redish huh 😉

I do hope you atleast try….because why not? It’ll be fun!

“When he wanted to take her picture,

he didn’t tell her to smile,

but told her

“I love you”

and her smile was more beautiful.” – Wordporn

A short story , a poem or even a writing piece works!

Do link your post in the comment section. It’s acceptable if you have written something before, but new posts will be appreciated more !

And I will put them in a post 😉

So get to work bloggers!

Each and every link is appreciated!

Show me your twist of love 😉

Thanks! And Enjoy!

See ya on Friday!

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