Quickly Grab the TTT spotlight with this challenge

Exams are over! Let the party begin!! Wooohoooo

Been a while huh. I extended my vacation…But I am BACK. And thou shalt fear them shadows No more! Cause…well…I am BACK with a lot more exciting things and soo much for all you 1nsaniacs!
Oh god where do I start. So much has happened!

But first thing first…

I Made an ebook

for you all amazing people!

It is called “The Nudge Needed”. It’s basically a handy guide with three of my secret works,To give you the little nudge you need at times! The nudge that reminds you why you are fighting and something to just give you the motivation when your own motivation levels are down. You know, we all need it from time to time. So yes! that is the purpose of this Ebook. To be there for you when you want it to be and give you The Nudge whenever you need it! A full force positive book just for you.  It is off limits to any one in any other way.

Sally Blake-page-001
The Nudge Needed Cover

The best thing though? It is absolutely free! All you have to do is sign up HERE and you’ll have it in your inbox pretty soon! You’ll also receive updates every time I post here (Mostly once a week) along with all the exciting things with the writer’s competition – The Topic Thingy- so you don’t miss out on anything!
So what are you waiting for ? Grab your free ebook today! I made it for you all after all! Sign Up HERE 1nsaniac 😉

And that reminds me, yes I finally made the email list,

now you don’t have to stalk my twitter to search for an update (though I would like to talk to you there too) you don’t even have to keep refreshing the website checking for a new post (Sorry Andy!) , I ll handcraft a mail every time for my most loyal 1nsaniacs and send them an update every time. I’ll also keep tell them update about my other activities online and insights into my life 😉 Oh and send them the E book – The Nudge Needed. All you need to do is sign up HERE and confirm the subscription (We don’t want to be sending mails to robots now do we?) And I’ll do the rest of the heavy lifting for ya ! No worries.


do this now, you see the option menu on the top? Open it. There you will find a new option! “Quotes”. There, you will find all the quotes I posted on Instagram, (which by the way has a whopping 2,000 followers now) Go check them out! They are all really short sentences…well you know what quotes are…So…Well they are written by me! *Cheeky grin* Go check them out! And tell me what you think about them! Do I need to change the font? Is there a topic I need to write more on? Tell me! I am all ears! Thanks!

Hmmm What else…Yeah, you know I am on FacebookTwitter Instagram but on Medium too now! Check them out too 😉

SO here we come to the most IMPORTANT THING!



I couldn’t give you all a topic thingy since like forever (February) but I am back and this time with a lot wider, a lot better and a lott cooler TTT!

Writers from anywhere around the web can participate in it now! All you have to do is post your beautiful piece on the topic of the month with the TTT logo and the link of this post and just add your link in the comments below! Free traffic! Woo hoo!

If you don’t know what Topic Thingy is… GO CHECK IT OUT HERE! There is a detailed step by step guide there too 😉

So Jade…What is The topic for April ?




encounter with advice

An encounter with an ADVICE. *whosh sound of the wind*

(I honestly have no clue what is up with me…Just go with it.)

” Dude What the hell does an encounter with an advice mean?”

A life changing advice in an unexpected place. Tell me about the weirdest way you got an advice. An advice that shook you till your boots. That opened your eyes . It doesn’t have to be about you, it could be your character or a friend that followed some advice or the guy that picks up your garbage. A quote from the web or a teacher that said something that rang bells in your head, something you figured out on your own by looking at others and it just clicked something in you that you’ll never forget. Share with us the advice that shook you in a short story, quote or a poem. No write ups this time….that’s just too mainstream.

Get creative! Tell me whatever story you want with what you understand by “An encounter with an advice”

So come on ! Do something everyone loves doing, giving advice! Maybe it’ll inspire someone else too? You never know!

Get those thinking caps on writers and get writing! Like always you’ve got a month! Here are the guidelines –  HERE HERE!
PS – Please follow the rules or your post will be disregarded for The Topic Thingy. I’ll even tweet the best write ups. I would be really grateful if you would spread the word about it! Thanks!

I do hope that you at least try because…why not! It will be soo much fun!

A short story, quote or a poem, I bet someone or something gave you an advice that you needed.

I want to hear that!

Do link your post below. It is acceptable if you have written something about this before, new posts will be appreciated more though.

So get to work bloggers!

Get those writings rollin in!

Each and every link is appreciated a lot!

Goodluck! See you on Friday 😉

20 thoughts on “Quickly Grab the TTT spotlight with this challenge

      1. Pretty good. I’ve been putting some time in this month and it’s paying dividends. Can’t stop obsessing about the numbers, but I’m trying hard to overcome that.
        You know what – let me do this as a resolution. I will not check my stats until just before I go to bed tonight (believe me – this is a step change from compulsively checking every 10 minutes!)
        Thanks for inspiring me Jade. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha that’s destructive oh my god. I dont even check my WordPress every ten minutes! Even though I should be…But try new ways to get traffic you’ll get so busy you’ll not have time for the stats and anyways those stats don’t define you as a writer! But yup that s a start! Goodluck!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I post three articles per day and whenever anyone visits my blog I go back to theirs, read their articles, like them (if I do), follow them (if I like) and comment, comment, comment. Sometimes I even read the comments and like and comment on them too. I also visit the blogs of people who I follow as regularly as I can (and like/comment too). What kinds of things do you think I might be missing, Jade?
        I can think of competitions, awards, shout outs for other blogs in my blogs, interactive elements in my posts. I’ve already started to incorporate songs, art, pictures/graphics as well as the normal text into my posts. I’ve started to ask questions to encourage people to comment. I write stories, poems, articles (about writing and well-being) and random thoughts – mainly numerous observations on life. I was thinking about recording me reading my posts, for those that like to hear my husky English voice. Do you think that this might work?
        So, that was a few quick thoughts off the top of my head. What sort of stuff have you tried and how successful have those things been for you?


  1. Had did you write the ebook and how many pages? Did you use a word or man app and then went to Amazon? I know with those it’s kind of all or nothing as you get one shot publish.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I did not publish it…but you need a link to see it…it’s just for the email subscribers here…and I used to simple microsoft word and took help from Google xD Really trustworthy buddy! So are you going to take part in the TTT?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. 1 of the posters here asked me weeks ago to do today.I was the only guest and other than not having the right number, I did alright. I had wanted to dig for some of my favorites. No worries was said as I was a very engaging and described with very lovely words, how much they liked talking to me and banging out 3 poems quickly. If you like I have the link

        Liked by 2 people

  2. I am guessing you used Kindle? How long is the book and how long did it take to make? I have a lot of content and am overwhelmed and the media in test pages do not transfer and I need to get this started.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Been going through hell and I get stuck in a mode. I somehow misread that you wrote a post and not a book? I have had that on the brain for so long and many subjects and I have things going on. Not good.

        Liked by 2 people

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