Can These Spotlight Stealers Inspire You?

So I have a big good news and a bigg bad news for you. Read till the end to know it!

Holla!! I am backk, well kinda.

So yes its not Friday and this post is a little….(alot)…late….but so what! You guys still love me right? I always hated being one of those bloggers who din’t write posts on time but here I am. *hangs head in shame*.

Hey! You 1nsaniacs still love me though right? RIGHHTTT! Good. xD

So, The Topic Thingy

for January 2016 was….

“To Inspire”

To Inspire

Here are the four on point posts I wrote! Check them out!





I got soo many lovely comments on them! Thank you 1nsaniacs! I hope they inspired or touched you in some way or the other!


Time to Announce the Spotlight stealers of the Month!!

Now, so many of you all took up the challenge like a real sport!

The numbers of posts and the quality  of works just keep increasing! Thank You so much everyone!

So get ready now!

Get those fingers ready to click the links

Get those eyes ready to read some amazing inspiring works and

GET Ready for the spotlight steallers!!


What happens when you don’t have any reason left, to fight in your life?  When you have no inspiration or goal left. When everything feels downhill? When you, yourself feel worthless? Inspiring People – by Charly Priest has the answers. With his experiences he has a really good lesson to teach us all. This was one of my favorite posts this month.  Thanks ninja!


Another one of my favorite piece and the one that moved me is Don’t Give Up by Zodpixel. Here is his first hand experience at saving a suicidal man. He leaves us with a really important lesson, to smile at everyone because you never know who needs it. You’d be missing out if you din’t read this one! Its simply beautiful!


Inspiration in a bottle by Jade Moore. An amazing poem about how sometimes a small change can bring such a big difference. How all it takes is to let it out! This is seriously and amazinggg piece! Go check it out!

Have you wondered what even inspires a writer? Yes, most people just say everything but that makes no sense! Inspiration by Accidently Inked and Breaking the Fourth Wall Inspiration by Fix of Fiction answers the most asked question… What inspires a writer?  Like what is the deal with them?  Both posts are full of beautiful lines and lovely scenes. You really should go read them now!


Seeking New Year Inspiration While Surviving Acute Bronchitis by Debra of Cultivating Time tells us how “sometimes you have to just do nothing and wait for the worst to pass.”  A post about her seeking inspiration to get into the Jolly new year start!


Don’t just take my word for these inspiring posts! Go check them out on your own!

 OKAY, So time for the news, eh?

I’ll tell you the bad one first soo…

I am taking a break this month and No, I am not quitting the blog. I just won’t post this month and the first half of March.

That is why I don’t have a topic for TTT this month and that is why this post is so late.

Point is, I have a reallllyy important examination, I really need you all to pray for me because I need to do real good in it. Would you pray for me please? Thanks!

ANYWAYS! The amazing news is that I finally set up the Email list and I am so excited about it because alot of people already joined it. NO, not like many many but more than I expected. Thank you so much guys!

I really think you should too! It just takes a few seconds and all you need is your email address. You will instantly get the links to my best works and 3 of my secret works you won’t find anywhere else! It’s down in the now fixed widget area! *wipes sweat*

So what are you waiting for?  Go register!! Never miss a post or a TTT update every again! Thank you so so much for all the support guys. Love ya ll!

So, do you have any plans for the 14 th? If so…tell me!

See you all verryy soon! Happy valentines in advance! Hope you all have a good one…at least there is netflix so you aren’t lonely 😉  Hey! Netflix doesn’t demand anything its the perfect partner!

See ya’ll!

Jade 😉


11 thoughts on “Can These Spotlight Stealers Inspire You?

  1. I was just wondering how you got so many followers with so few posts but I think this post could give me some answers. Going to read it in more depth when I get home. Thanks for liking one of my pieces by the way (Happiness).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I worked more on quality then quantity like most. And yes, TTT helped me a lot too! I just like to get the community a little closer! I really appreciate you taking time out and checking my blog out. Thanks again!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Just found your blog through the Solidarity Challenge and I am loving what you have here:) Sad to see you go for sometime, but praying you get the time you need to focus on the examination and ace it!!

    Liked by 2 people

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