Topic for November Released!

Losing things is always difficult on us because we get attached to them. Specially if it was a human or a living thing. I really would like to know what are your views on this. What you all think are the emotions or even how you cope up with it or how your character does.

You may be thinking why am I telling you all this. It is because

The topic for the month  of November 2015 is “Losing Things”.

In the sense of losing hope, losing life, losing everything just about losing things.


So as most of you know about the topic thingie..It is starting right now!
And yes, I am naming it The Topic Thingie! *cheers*

Why? Mainly because well…It’s easy to remember and it explains what it is on its own! Other than that TTT looks like a cool symbol! Right? Right?? Right!
And well…three are good enough reasons for the name xD

For those who don’t know what it is, basically I decided having random posts is easy but staying focused on one topic for a while? Now that’s called pushing through comfort zone.

1) So every month I will have a topic that I will write a poem,writing piece and a short story on. There will even be guest posts , link ups and everything!

2) The topics maybe a situation, a prompt, an emotion or even a TV series! Basically, anything that needs my attention xD.

3) The topic every month is a challenge to all the bloggers out there if they can write about the topic of the month. Just post about the topic and then link to one of my posts (of the same topic) there, I’ll link you or reblog you.

I really would like to know what are your views on the topic of “Losing things”

What you all think are the emotions , how you would express them as writers or even how you cope up with it or how your character does, whatever floats your boat.

Do link your post below. It is acceptable if you have written something about this before, new posts will be appreciated more though.

A short story , a poem or even a writing piece works. I

And I will put them in a post or a reblog them!

Thank you  soo much guys! I am excited and very nervous about it xD Hope it works out!
So get to work bloggers!
Each and every link is appreciated a lot!

Psss… I will post my first poem on this topic later today so Stay Tuned 😉

29 thoughts on “Topic for November Released!

  1. Hey, the TTT is a pretty cool idea. It’s strange but I just read the post and it prompted me for a story on losing things. I think I’m gonna write it and link you as soon as I can!! 🙂

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    1. Hey! Thank you ! Yes that is totally right! I was thinking of letting people add the link to this in their post but I don’t really know if I should xD What say? Well thank you so much for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the inspiration. I will write a post and share the link here. I will be sure to explain you are the inspiration for the post in case others want to join in.

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