Was it enough?

Was it enough edited

She enters her class
Takes a seat a little flustered , a little shy
a little uncomfortable with a thick skin
A little uncomfortable by herself
A little awkward and A little too tall
With a hop in her step and a huge smile on her face
All she wanted was a lot of friends
But days after days she was left alone.
Why you may ask but I would never know
When they saw her alone
They came at her like a pack of cougars
Called her fat Told her she deserved to be a loner
That she dint deserve friends
They made sure she Dint get any
They said she was supposed to be hated
That she was made to be disgusted with
They made her suffer
They made her bleak
Crushed and ruined her being
They made her feel like she was weak
Little did they know that only people as strong as her can go through things like these
That it took courage to fake a smile whole day and just let it out at night without a single noise
They told her this when she was a kid
They humiliated her
Told her she can never be enough
Laughed like a pack of wolf for years and. years of her being
Broke every part of her
Sure you may say they dint hurt her
But the scars on bodies stop hurting its the scars on the mind that never do.
So here i sit after years of it.
With tears in my eyes and over the top height.
Still asking the same question again and again
Was it enough?
To steal my childhood
To ruin me in a way that even after years I can’t fix myself
To make my each and everyday of life a battle?
Was it enough?
Will It ever be enough?

This poem is huge but its pretty close to my heart. It killed me to write it and to publish it out to the world. It just wasnt easy. We all know bullying is horrible but we dont know is how many long term effects it can have on a person. Which i’ve tried explaining here.

Picture credits – umm…its from amazon.com haha (shh i liked it xD)

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33 thoughts on “Was it enough?

  1. bullying is really rampant now adays
    .it could be very heartbreaking…sometimes it could lead to terrible actions of the one being bullied…Thanks for sharing this will surely enlighten a lot of kids and parents as well..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it is . I personally know quite a few people who have gone through it like me. It could and that’s why I salute anyone whose gone through it and is still fighting . Your welcome! Glad you liked it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Bullying isn’t invincible at all really. I am glad I shared it too really. It kinds feels like I achieved something lol Thanks dude. It did take a lot of me to just put it out there…anyways how’s it going

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah it isn’t. But I hadn’t yet met a person who got bullied.
        Everything’s going good here. Its spring and today is so sunny. I am in my backyard soaking the sun and reading posts and comments, facebooking basically socialising while at home 😉 What are you upto?

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  2. Awww Jade that’s truly horrible. To go through such an experience that still traumatises you.Sorry to hear about it. I know we have met only 2 days ago, but you are a funny and great friend. And if you ever feel down, email is aaliyahzahra@hotmail.com. We can chat paragraphs there haha. Btw you are a brave person to share your story. I know how hard it can be. Sending you love 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww aaliya! It’s just been two days? :O it feels like ages really! Aww thank you! Your amazing too! That’s a great idea my email Id is up in contact me too btw (in case I forget to msg u which I will try my best not to) hahaha u mean we can talk without ppl stalking! Yup it was kinda tough getting it out but I was in that non thinking mood so I kinda forced myself to put it out. Sending over right back at ya 😉 :*

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  3. This is heartbreaking. I’m really sorry if you had to go through all that. I’ve only faced bullying in my early childhood and I don’t remember most of it. Living with it every day must be sheer torture.


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